Evening Drinks


"Deep convos deserve deep cups."


"The Late Night 'Evening Drinks' Podcast has been a dream in the making for the past year. I have been streaming an Evening Drinks Talk Show to my twitch community, developing my content style and entertainment value to a point where its finally the time to make the dream a reality. Deep dives into the human condition, artificial intelligence, ancient civilizations, interviews with incredible content creators and drinking deeply from all the cups is just a taste of what you will experience. Grab your favourite whiskey, mead or ya know a beer... and join us in my living room. 

Welcome to the show babes xx"

Host / Pocketsxx



ya hate to see it xx

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Episode Schedule 

Ep1. - The Human Condition, A.I. & the Future of Our Species - Guest: PumpkinBerry / June 2018


Ep2. - Success, Legacy & Ascension  - Guest: Jay White [Brotatoe] / July 2018


Ep3. - Music & Memory: The Creative Connection - Guest: Mike Swiegot / August 2018


Ep4. - Acting, Identity Politics & the Importance of Self-Education. Special Interview with Guest: Eugene Simon (Game of Thrones) / October, 2018


Ep5. - TBC / December, 2018